On May 9, YG Entertainment unveiled a revealing look into the passion and efforts behind BabyMonster's debut album, 'BABYMONS7ER', through the release of 'YG PRODUCTION EP.1 The Making of BABYMONSTER's "SHEESH"' on their official blog. This episode offers fans a peek into the collaborative spirit shared among various producers at YG Entertainment, diverging from the typical sound crafted by long-time YG producer Teddy. Despite the departure from Teddy's style, the track 'SHEESH' has managed to garner significant attention and success on music charts, largely propelled by word of mouth from the group's talented members.

CHOICE37, a YG producer, emphasized the company's commitment to supporting artists in finding and developing their unique voices. From the trainee days of BabyMonster, producers have collaborated closely, scouting and nurturing the group's potential, suggesting vocal styles and ad-libs to enhance each song's appeal. This meticulous crafting process has proven that YG's investment in creative synergy is paying off musically.

BabyMonster's official debut track 'SHEESH' evolved organically through collaborative efforts among YG producers. CHOICE37 and Sonny tackled the verses and pre-chorus, while LP focused intensively on maximizing the intensity of the drop part. Overseeing producer Yang Hyun-suk also contributed, enriching the second verse's diversity and ensuring the rap parts by Asa, Luca, and Ahyun received widespread acclaim. Even the final hook, which underwent numerous revisions, was directly arranged by Yang, adding a whispering and majestic aura that enhanced its charm.

This detailed and collective approach culminated in a finished product that showcased the honed skills of BabyMonster, now a perfectly synergized septet with the addition of Ahyun. Producers lauded the group, noting their flawless execution of intended emotions, remarkable vocal tones, and a performance completed solely through their voices.

As BabyMonster continues to evolve, YG Entertainment plans to imprint their talents further in upcoming releases. CHOICE37 shared, "We will strive to fully showcase the members' skills and colors. The ability to create music and share it with everyone is all thanks to your support," expressing gratitude towards the fans.

Meanwhile, BabyMonster's debut album 'BABYMONS7ER' broke records by selling 401,287 copies in just a week, setting a new record for the highest first-week sales by a K-pop girl group debut album. The title track 'SHEESH' not only achieved a YouTube milestone by hitting 100 million views in just 10 days but also continued to impress by reaching 200 million views in 33 days, setting a new record for the fastest K-pop girl group debut song to reach these milestones. The track has also consistently held high positions on Spotify's Daily Song Chart for 37 days, confirming its long-standing popularity.