BabyMonster, YG Entertainment's latest girl group, has set a new record for the fastest K-pop girl group debut music video to reach 100 million views with their official debut track 'SHEESH.'

According to YG Entertainment, the music video for 'SHEESH' surpassed 100 million views on YouTube at 11:35 AM on April 11th. This milestone was achieved just 10 days after its release on April 1st, shattering the previous record set by their pre-debut track 'BATTER UP,' which took 18 days to reach the same number of views.

This achievement is the fastest among K-pop artists who debuted after 2017 and places BabyMonster on track to potentially follow in the footsteps of BLACKPINK, currently the only other K-pop girl group to reach 100 million views faster. As of April 10th, BabyMonster's YouTube channel has also surpassed 5 million subscribers, indicating a rapidly growing global fandom.

Since releasing their first mini-album [BABYMONS7ER] on April 1st, the group attracted over 390,000 new subscribers in just 9 days, with total views now exceeding 1.4 billion and continuing to climb sharply.

With this, BabyMonster now owns three music videos with over 100 million views, including two pre-debut tracks. 'BATTER UP' rapidly reached 100 million views in 18 days and 200 million views in 53 days, setting a record at the time for the fastest debut K-pop group music video to achieve these milestones. 'Stuck In The Middle,' a ballad without a performance element, also reached 100 million views in just 38 days.

BabyMonster launched their first mini-album [BABYMONS7ER] at midnight on April 1st and is expected to become more familiar to domestic fans through music shows, fan signings, and other broadcast activities. They will also meet international fans through a fan meeting tour starting in Tokyo and extending to Jakarta, Singapore, Taipei, and Bangkok, and will participate in Japan's largest music festival, 'Summer Sonic 2024'.