BTS member Jin continues to dominate fan rankings, securing second place once again in the male idol category. From April 4th at 3:01 PM to April 11th at 3:00 PM, during the 128th iteration of the weekly Star Ranking, Jin garnered 18,389 votes.

Jin's continued presence at the top of the rankings alongside fellow BTS member Jimin, who clinched first place, reaffirms the top-tier status of BTS.

Following closely, 2PM's Junho took third place, BTS's V was fourth, and BTS's Suga claimed the fifth spot, showcasing the group's strong performance in the rankings.

Star Ranking allows fans to vote directly for their favorite stars, determining their rank through these votes. Depending on the results, various benefits are awarded to the stars.

A star who ranks first for four consecutive weeks earns the privilege of being featured in an outdoor billboard advertisement. Fans of the star who achieve this four-week streak can also support their idol with a fan video to be displayed on the billboard.