BTS J-Hope's journey through dance continues in his documentary series, which aired its final episode. At midnight on April 12th, the last episode of 'HOPE ON THE STREET' was released on the online streaming services Tving and Amazon Prime Video. As the video production was closely tied to his special album of the same name, the finale focuses on the story connected to the album's last track, 'NEURON (with Gaeko, Yoon Mirae).' J-Hope visited his hometown of Gwangju to explore his roots, sparking viewers' interest.

During a visit to the May 18th Memorial Culture Center, where he performed as a child, J-Hope expressed, "This place is the 'root of my roots.' I've debuted and gained a lot, but this is where I started." The world-famous star revisited the venue where he first performed with his dance crew, connecting his past and present through dance.

J-Hope also revisited the dance crew 'Neuron,' where he learned dance by watching the older members during his street dancing days due to a lack of funds for dance classes. Crew members noted, "J-Hope still has a passion for dance. He has a clear identity and will continue to grow." They presented him with an album containing memories from their crew days, adding an emotional touch.

Together with his crew members, J-Hope performed a freestyle dance to 'NEURON,' concluding the documentary series. Regarding the song, he shared, "I tried to capture the emotions and unforgettable feelings from when we met," and added, "We live to move, and we will keep moving without forgetting our roots. We are 'Neuron.'"

Reflecting on the documentary series, J-Hope remarked, "Experiencing and feeling it firsthand, I've come to accept that what I did was not easy and realized its importance." He continued, "Ultimately, I wanted to reflect on myself and gain new learning. I think I've achieved that through this filming."

'HOPE ON THE STREET' is a dance documentary series where J-Hope travels to various places including Osaka, Paris, New York, Seoul, and Gwangju to interact with local dancers through dance. J-Hope planned this to rediscover his artistic roots in street dance. He challenged himself in various dance genres including Popping, House, Hip hop, and Locking, solidifying his identity as a street dancer distinct from BTS's J-Hope. Forbes described the documentary series as showing "how J-Hope's inspiration continually evolves his role as a musician, dancer, and creator."