BTS's Jimin has once again demonstrated his global influence and solidified his status as a pop icon with the historic achievement of his solo track 'Like Crazy'. The song has reached No. 1 on Deezer's 'US Top 100' chart, marking a groundbreaking moment as it becomes the first and only K-pop solo song to achieve such a feat in the chart's history. This accomplishment is particularly significant given that it was achieved on April 7, showcasing Jimin's enduring popularity and the universal appeal of 'Like Crazy'.

Previously, 'Like Crazy' had already made waves by becoming the first K-pop song to top Deezer's 'Worldwide Top 100' chart on February 17. As of April 7, the track has secured its 47th No. 1 position, demonstrating Jimin's unparalleled ability to captivate audiences both in the US and globally. This dual dominance in both the US and worldwide charts is a testament to Jimin's exceptional talent and the global resonance of his music.

Jimin's journey to the top of the music industry has been marked by numerous milestones, including his historic achievements on the Billboard 'Hot 100' and 'Artist 100' charts as the first Korean solo artist. With 'Like Crazy', Jimin continues to break new ground, this time on the Deezer chart, where he has crafted a new narrative of success for K-pop in the US.

The track's success is not limited to Deezer; it has also made a significant impact on Spotify, where 'Like Crazy' became the first Korean solo song to surpass 1 billion streams. Maintaining a daily streaming count of over 400,000 in the US, 'Like Crazy' stands as the only K-pop solo track on the US daily top songs chart, further solidifying Jimin's position in the music industry.

As of April 7, 'Like Crazy' has charted for 169 days on the US daily top songs chart, surpassing the record previously held by BTS and Coldplay's 'My Universe'. This achievement not only extends the song's record for the longest-charting Korean track in the US but also highlights the exceptional longevity and popularity of 'Like Crazy'.

The enduring success and musical triumph of 'Like Crazy' in the US, especially as a Korean track without any collaborations with international artists, is a remarkable feat. Achieved a year after its release and during Jimin's military service, this accomplishment underscores the depth of Jimin's impact and his unique position in the US music scene, affectionately known as 'Jimmerica'. Jimin's ability to continuously set new records and captivate a global audience is a clear indication of his status as a pop icon and a leading figure in the K-pop industry.