With the release of YG Entertainment's 2023 business report, there's rising curiosity surrounding the re-signing fee for the group BLACKPINK, which reportedly amounts to 41.185 billion won.

According to the business report disclosed by YG Entertainment on March 21, the exclusive contract fee acquired by YG last year was 41.185 billion won. This fee represents the amount obtained in the process of signing an exclusive contract between YG and its artists. Last year, aside from re-signing BLACKPINK, YG's only notable addition was the debut of the new group BABYMONSTER, leading many to speculate that the majority of the exclusive contract fee was allocated to BLACKPINK's re-signing.

Given that YG did not recruit any new artists last year and reportedly did not re-sign any existing artists other than BLACKPINK, it appears each member of BLACKPINK may have received a re-signing fee of up to approximately 10 billion won.

Consequently, there's growing interest in the duration of the contract between BLACKPINK and YG. Last year, after their exclusive contract with YG expired, BLACKPINK re-signed in December for group activities. They are set to release a new album and embark on a world tour with YG's support.

However, the four members did not sign additional contracts for individual activities, leading Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa to establish their own one-person agencies and embark on solo endeavors.