Jin's single "The Astronaut" continues to dominate the Argentine music charts, marking an impressive 72-week streak at the top of the "Top 40 Kpop" chart. As of March 19, 6 AM KST, "The Astronaut" secured first place with 172,359 votes, highlighting Jin's unwavering popularity in Argentina. The recognition of "The Astronaut" in Argentina is part of a broader global appreciation for Jin's music, reflecting the international appeal of K-pop.

The radio channel Vega Radio, a popular platform in Argentina, has played a significant role in promoting K-pop music, particularly through its recent focus on K-pop rankings via the "Top40Kpop" account. Jin's achievement on Vega Radio's "2023 TOP 40 K-POP" underscores his exceptional standing in the Argentine music scene.

To celebrate Jin's achievement of holding the number one spot on the KPOP TOP40 for 50 consecutive weeks, Vega Radio shared a special video on its Twitter account, expressing its admiration for Jin and dedicating the tribute to all ARMYs. The video showcases the enduring love and support Jin receives from fans worldwide.

Vega Radio also analyzed the reasons behind "The Astronaut's" success on the KPOP TOP40 ranking, praising its ability to appeal to a wide range of music fans and predicting its lasting popularity as a beloved track.

Released on October 28, 2022, "The Astronaut" was a pre-enlistment gift from Jin to his fans, created in collaboration with the globally renowned band Coldplay. The song's release sparked a worldwide sensation, with the official music video and Jin's guest performance at a Coldplay concert in Argentina garnering significant attention. The song has also been popular in reaction videos by famous YouTubers, further amplifying its reach.

Critics have lauded "The Astronaut" for showcasing Jin's rich baritone voice and his ability to convey a dreamy and refreshing atmosphere. Even a year after its release, the song continues to achieve remarkable success on various music charts, demonstrating Jin's powerful influence as a global superstar and the enduring popularity of his music during his military service.