The K-pop community was recently abuzz with rumors suggesting RIIZE member Anton was romantically involved with a long-time friend, following the circulation of ambiguous photographs online. The speculation reached a peak when a post titled "Proof of Anton's rumors (+ from the oldest sister of the female friend)" surfaced on a popular South Korean online community forum on March 12, 2024. The post drew significant attention, claiming to shed light on the idol's personal life.

The controversy began when images purportedly showing Anton on a date in New Jersey made rounds on the internet. Despite the absence of Anton's face in the contentious picture, a distinctive Louis Vuitton bag in the scene led to widespread speculation that the RIIZE member was indeed the man pictured. Anton's association with the luxury brand, evidenced by his public appearances with the same bag in South Korea and Paris, fueled the rumors further.

Amidst the growing whispers and criticism from fans disappointed by the prospect of Anton dating so early in his career, an unexpected voice joined the conversation to clarify the situation. The older sister of the woman linked to Anton in the rumors took to social media to set the record straight. Through leaked messages, she revealed that the two were not in a romantic relationship but were simply close friends, dismissing the speculation as unfounded.

Adding to the clarification, the woman at the center of the rumors herself took a stand by issuing a statement on her Instagram account. She categorically denied any romantic involvement with Anton, explaining that the photo that sparked the rumors was merely a gesture to commemorate Anton's visit to New Jersey, marking his return after several years. She further emphasized that their interaction was part of a group outing, with no one-on-one time spent together.

The combined statements from the woman and her sister have effectively quashed the rumors, bringing relief to fans concerned about the implications of such news on Anton's burgeoning career with RIIZE. The group, which has been active for less than a year, has already garnered a significant following, making any news about its members a matter of keen interest to fans.

This incident highlights the intense scrutiny faced by K-pop idols regarding their personal lives and the swift mobilization of their supporters to seek clarity. It also serves as a reminder of the power of social media in spreading and debunking rumors, illustrating the fine line between public interest and privacy that idols navigate in their careers. As the dust settles on this rumor, fans are reassured of Anton's focus on his music and commitment to his group, RIIZE.