BTS's Jimin continues to set records on the global music stage, this time making a significant mark on Tidal's Video Hits playlist. His megahit "Like Crazy" secured a spot in the top 5, marking its third consecutive week on the chart, while his pre-release track from his solo debut album "FACE," "Set Me Free Pt.2," also made an impressive entry, holding a position for two weeks in a row. This achievement distinguishes Jimin as the first and only K-pop solo artist to have two songs simultaneously rank on the chart, showcasing his unparalleled influence and popularity.

The global high-quality music streaming platform Tidal witnessed Jimin's "Like Crazy" and "Set Me Free Pt.2" climbing the ranks, not just in the Video Hits playlist but also in Tidal's Top Videos USA, where both songs have remained for an impressive 30 consecutive days. This longevity establishes Jimin as the only artist to achieve such a feat with multiple tracks, further cementing his status in the music industry.

Jimin's success on Tidal extends beyond these two tracks, as he managed to chart seven songs simultaneously in the Tidal USA Top 100 Video chart on February 26. This record is unparalleled in the K-pop industry, showcasing Jimin's exceptional talent and the global appeal of his music.

Notably, Jimin's songs have also dominated charts across various continents, including Europe, with his tracks entering popular video lists in the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Jamaica, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, and Denmark. In Switzerland, Jimin remarkably secured positions from 1st to 8th place, excluding the 7th, with all spots occupied by his songs, and in Jamaica, his tracks took over the top 5 positions.

This extraordinary achievement has not gone unnoticed, with the American Hallyu media outlet Allkpop highlighting Jimin's accomplishment on Tidal, especially his impact in major music markets such as the US, UK, and Brazil. Jimin's ability to simultaneously rank two songs on Tidal's playlists underscores his global popularity and the widespread recognition of his musical contributions.

As Jimin continues to break records and set new milestones, his influence in the global music scene remains undeniable. His success on Tidal is a testament to his artistry and the universal appeal of K-pop, further solidifying his position as a leading figure in the industry.