An amusing incident involving BTS V's autograph session during his military service has become the talk of the town, delighting fans and netizens with its unique twist. The story, which first surfaced on the online platform Instiz, outlines a humorous yet endearing encounter that underscores the BTS member's unwavering popularity, even in the most unconventional settings.

According to the Instiz post titled "BTS's V became Na Young-seok in the military," the fan recounts a serendipitous opportunity to obtain V's autograph through a connection to the military location V was visiting. The process, however, was far from straightforward, involving a quirky procedure that added a layer of fun and challenge to the experience.

Participants eager for V's autograph were required to come prepared with a Post-it note bearing their name. Military officers were allotted five autographs each, a testament to their status, while assistants were granted two. The twist came for the assistants, who faced a pop quiz as part of the autograph acquisition process. The quiz included questions about BTS members and their songs, turning the session into a test of fandom knowledge. Those unable to answer were humorously escorted out by their peers, adding a playful element to the event.

Netizens flooded the comments section with laughter and admiration for V's creative approach to fan interactions, drawing parallels to the playful antics seen on "RUN BTS," the group's variety show. Comments like "Absolutely hilarious," "Classic Kim Tae-hyung," and "So adorable" reflected the amusement and affection fans hold for V's characteristic humor.

The incident also sparked a sense of envy among some fans, who expressed their wish to have been part of the unique autograph session. "It's unfair! Soldiers have it too easy!" and "Wish I had that chance" were among the sentiments shared by fans who longed for a similar encounter with the beloved BTS member.

This lighthearted episode not only highlights V's creativity and sense of humor but also illustrates the deep connection and joy BTS members continue to bring to their fans, transcending the boundaries of their professional engagements. As V serves his military duty, stories like these serve as a reminder of the indelible impact BTS has on their fans' lives, fostering a sense of community and shared happiness even in the most unexpected circumstances.