On February 24, an online thread titled "Sullyoon should care about her under-eye wrinkles a bit more" surfaced, featuring a photo of Sullyoon that accentuated wrinkles under her eyes. The original poster expressed shock at this observation, igniting a wave of mixed reactions among netizens. Some echoed the sentiment, noting the rarity of such wrinkles in celebrities of Sullyoon's age, while others speculated on the reasons behind their appearance, ranging from makeup issues to natural skin texture.

Critiques ranged from mild surprise to outright criticism, with some netizens questioning why Sullyoon appeared with under-eye wrinkles in various photos and videos. Comments such as "It's kind of weird, though. She's not at the age of looking like that" and "But for real, why does it look like that?" underscored the bafflement and scrutiny over Sullyoon's appearance.

However, a robust defense quickly mobilized both within the original forum and across international platforms, where fans, collectively known as NSWERs, voiced their support for Sullyoon. They criticized the unnecessary focus on such a natural aspect of human skin and pointed out the myriad of factors that could contribute to the appearance of wrinkles, including stress, dehydration, or simply the effects of makeup. Supporters emphasized Sullyoon's beauty and talent, urging detractors to focus on her skills rather than nitpicking her appearance.

International fans, in particular, highlighted the undue criticism that Sullyoon has faced, with comments such as "The audacity and entitlement" and "It's her makeup cracking? I don't know. Why is Sullyoon getting so much hate?" These responses reflect a broader discontent with the unrealistic beauty standards often imposed on celebrities, especially in the K-pop industry.

Furthermore, the debate extended beyond Sullyoon's appearance to discussions about the prioritization of talent over visuals in the industry. Admirers commended Sullyoon for her dedication to enhancing her performance skills and maintaining confidence in her looks amidst the discourse.

The controversy surrounding Sullyoon's eye wrinkles underscores the intense scrutiny faced by K-pop idols regarding their appearance. It also highlights a growing pushback against such scrutiny, with fans and observers advocating for a more inclusive and realistic set of beauty standards that acknowledge and embrace natural human features. As the conversation continues, it serves as a reminder of the challenges and pressures within the entertainment industry, as well as the supportive community that rallies around its stars in the face of undue criticism.