Debate has ignited online over whether LE SSERAFIM's Kazuha has undergone double eyelid surgery, with fans comparing her current appearance to her debut days. Initially recognized for her distinctive monolids during the "FEARLESS" era, recent photographs suggest a subtle change in her eyelid structure, sparking speculation and discussion among netizens.

A post questioning the alteration in Kazuha's eyelids gained significant traction on a South Korean online community forum, amassing over 153,000 views in a single day. The author expressed a preference for Kazuha's debut look, suggesting that the idol's visual appeal was stronger with monolids. This sentiment sparked a wide-ranging debate, with some fans unable to discern any notable changes, while others concurred that Kazuha's eyelids appeared different.

The conversation extended to the nuances of cosmetic procedures, with several commenters noting that double eyelid surgery doesn't always result in dramatic changes. It's possible for the surgery to yield only subtle modifications, leading to minimal visual difference. This has led to speculation that Kazuha may have opted for a less invasive form of the procedure, should she have undergone surgery at all.

Reactions from the online community varied, with one user stating, "She got surgery. Kazuha originally did not have double eyelids," while another expressed confusion, commenting, "Huh? I don't notice any differences in the photos you posted." The debate highlights the diverse perceptions of beauty and the personal choices public figures make regarding their appearance.

As the discussion unfolds, LE SSERAFIM continues to engage with their fanbase through their music and performances. The group is gearing up for the release of their third EP, "EASY," scheduled for February 19. Additionally, their recent single "Dresscode," which serves as the theme for the live-action Japanese series "Sexy Tanaka-san," showcases their ongoing creative endeavors and contributions to the entertainment industry.

The discourse surrounding Kazuha's appearance underscores the intense scrutiny faced by idols and the complex interplay between personal choices, public perception, and cultural standards of beauty within the entertainment industry.