The group (G)I-DLE has made the difficult decision to cancel their press conference due to health concerns, just two days before their planned comeback.

(G)I-DLE was scheduled to release their second full album '2' on the 29th at 6 PM, following the success of last year's hit 'Queencard.' Expectations were high for their new album.

However, with the comeback just days away, news broke that members Minnie and Yuqi were halting their schedules due to health issues, bringing an abrupt halt to their comeback activities.

On the 27th, Cube Entertainment announced, "On the 26th, Minnie and Yuqi visited the hospital due to sudden fever symptoms and headaches. Following the medical team's diagnosis, considering the members' condition before the comeback, all schedules have been halted to focus on their rest and treatment."

Consequently, the agency decided to cancel the comeback press conference. "The press conference scheduled for the 29th to commemorate the release of (G)I-DLE's second full album '2' will unfortunately be canceled due to the artists' health reasons," the agency stated.

This news has led to widespread concern among fans, especially since this is the fourth health-related announcement concerning (G)I-DLE in recent months. Notably, Minnie had previously missed a schedule due to health issues during a performance in the US last month and had to temporarily halt activities after being unable to complete a performance weeks later.

Shuhua also visited the emergency room due to fever and cold symptoms, later diagnosed with influenza A, leading to the cancellation of a year-end stage pre-recording.

This situation has brought renewed attention to (G)I-DLE's relentless schedule since last year. After wrapping up promotions for 'Queencard' in May, the group embarked on a world tour from June to October, covering Asia, North America, and Europe. Last month, they performed in seven cities as part of the 'Jingle Ball Tour' in the US, followed by year-end stages in Korea.

Balancing such a demanding performance schedule with album preparations has undoubtedly been challenging. With most members experiencing health issues, the album is set to release as planned, but the future of their comeback activities remains uncertain.