IU has yet again proven why she's regarded as one of the most influential artists in the music industry with her pre-release track 'Love wins all'. Even before the official album launch, the song has stirred up considerable attention, highlighting IU's significant impact.

Released on January 24 at 6 PM, 'Love wins all' instantly became a hot topic, climbing to the top of major music charts like Melon TOP100, HOT100, Genie, and Bugs, securing the number one spot swiftly. Notably, it achieved the fastest ascent to number one on Melon TOP100 among female artists since the chart's revision in August 2021.

IU's decision to change the song title from 'Love wins' to 'Love wins all' just five days before its release, in response to criticisms linking the original title to LGBTQ+ slogans, showcases her sensitivity and respect towards diverse perspectives. Her agency, EDAM Entertainment, expressed their intention to honor and support love in all its forms without letting an important message get overshadowed.

The music video for 'Love wins all', directed by Eom Tae-hwa, sparked various interpretations and debates among viewers. While some criticized the portrayal of disability as a narrative device, others appreciated the artistic representation of overcoming life's challenges through mutual support and love. The agency clarified that the video aims to depict individuals triumphing over adversities with love and companionship.

IU, transitioning from the playful singer of 'Boo' to a singer-songwriter conveying profound messages about overcoming the era of hatred with love, has evolved into an artist of substantial influence. Her readiness to engage with feedback and swiftly communicate changes highlights her adaptability and responsibility as a leading figure in the music industry.

'Love wins all' not only cements IU's status as a chart-topping powerhouse but also underscores her role as a thoughtful and impactful artist, capable of sparking meaningful conversations and addressing societal issues through her music.