Popular singer and actress IU, represented by EDAM Entertainment, has sparked excitement with a surprise announcement hinting at a historic comeback.

EDAM Entertainment released a 17-second moving poster at midnight on the 15th through their official social media channels. The post was titled "Pre-Release Single 'Love wins'".

In the moving poster, IU is seen gazing intently against a backdrop of striking red light. Her expression appears surprised, yet her characteristic melancholic and wistful eyes, brimming with tears, immediately captivate the viewer. The poster ends with a close-up of IU's eyes alongside the words 'Love wins' and the date January 24th, heightening anticipation.

Following the release of the moving poster, IU's fans, known as Uaenas, both domestically and internationally, have been eagerly speculating and reacting with excitement. Global social media channels and major online communities are buzzing with comments like "This is classic IU," "What does 'Love wins' mean?", "Can't wait for the full version," and "I'm rewatching it multiple times, so happy," highlighting the power of IU once again.

This upcoming single marks IU's first release since her album 'Pieces' on December 29, 2021, adding to the anticipation. Known for her string of mega-hit songs with each album release, IU has garnered love from people of all ages, making her transformation in the new song a highly anticipated event. As there has been no information about her comeback so far, interest in the 'Love wins' promotion is rapidly growing.

IU will sequentially reveal more information and launch the promotion for 'Love wins', starting with this moving poster.