Blackpink's Lisa graced the cover of Elle Taiwan's January 2024 issue and gave an exclusive global interview, marking her first individual move following the unsuccessful individual contract negotiations with YG Entertainment (YG). This move underlines her global presence.

In the interview, Lisa shared her recent activities and expressed her thoughts. After completing Blackpink's largest-ever world tour as a K-pop girl group last year and setting new records, Lisa continued to draw attention from fans worldwide by re-signing with YG for group activities while keeping her options open for solo endeavors.

Expressing her desire to spend time with her family after her busy schedule, Lisa also revealed her interest in learning French as a new challenge. This interest has garnered attention, especially given the repeated rumors last year of her romance with Frederic Arnault, scion of a French conglomerate. Despite being spotted together in restaurants and on family trips, Lisa has not made any official statements regarding the relationship.

  Lisa's motivation to learn French stems from her niece, who only speaks French and not Thai. She humorously mentioned that to communicate with her niece, she needs to learn the language. Recharging by planning trips and resting whenever she can during her world tour, Lisa's down-to-earth and approachable charm as a 'world star' is evident when she enjoys everyday life, traveling with her mother or savoring delicious food with friends.

A multifaceted talent in dance and singing, Lisa continues to practice and enhance her skills. Her drive is fueled by a belief in never slacking off in any performance and seizing every opportunity.

Having transformed into a star with formidable global influence beyond K-pop, Lisa encourages her fans and fellow artists to believe in themselves. She emphasizes the importance of self-confidence, saying, "You have to believe in yourself. Don't be swayed by what others say," sharing a message of support and encouragement.