NCT 127 takes listeners on a vivid journey through the seasons with their music, from the fresh bloom of spring and the vibrant hues of summer to the monochrome autumn and the pristine winter. Let's dive into their seasonal tracks that offer a diverse palette of emotions and stories.

Spring with NCT 127:

NCT 127's spring is characterized by the exhilarating thrill of love. Here are some tracks that bring the gentle warmth of the season:

  • "Heartbreaker (Rollercoaster)" from their second mini-album captures the ups and downs of unrequited love through the eyes of teenagers. It's a track where you can experience the members' youthful vocals.
  • "Angel" is one of NCT 127's early tracks highlighting the members' fresh charm. It's an acoustic guitar-centered medium-tempo love song and a fan favorite, sweetly depicting love at first sight.
  • "Touch" from the 'NCT 2018 EMPATHY' album is a fan-favorite spring track. This Urban R&B song radiates a bright and cheerful vibe, symbolizing communication and empathy through love.
  • "Fool" from their fourth mini-album is a pop dance track capturing the sincere emotions of a man smitten at first sight. The members' playful narrations add to the track's charm.
  • "Love Song (Umbrella)" from their second regular album has been widely loved for its lyrics portraying how rainy days can be joyful when spent with a loved one.
  • "Pandora's Box (Daydream)" evokes the languid afternoons of spring with its soothing Rhodes Piano sound, painting a picture of contentment and relaxation.

NCT 127's Summer:

NCT 127's summer tracks are filled with bright and refreshing melodies, perfectly capturing the energetic essence of the season.

  • "Once Again (Summer Vacation)" from their debut mini-album is a mid-tempo R&B track with a nostalgic 90s sound, bringing a cool and refreshing vibe.
  • "0 Mile" from their third mini-album is a cheerful track expressing the desire to bridge emotional distances through music, even when physically apart.
  • "Summer 127" is the summer anthem from their third mini-album, featuring a lively piano and synth base rhythm that conjures up the excitement of a summer getaway.
  • "Highway to Heaven" is an electro-pop dance track with an oriental twist, offering a refreshing vibe complemented by a hopeful message. It's available in both Korean and English, resonating with global fans.
  • "Paper Plane" from their fourth mini-album is an electro-pop track that carries the hopeful theme of achieving dreams, much like a paper plane soaring freely in the sky.

Autumn with NCT 127:

NCT 127's autumn is filled with more lyrical and sentimental tracks, perfect for the introspective and slightly chilly atmosphere of the season.

  • "No Longer" from their first regular album is a poignant ballad that escalates emotionally, reminiscent of the deepening autumn.
  • "Jet Lag" from their fourth mini-album is an urban R&B pop track that artistically portrays the emotional distance between NCT 127 and their fans.
  • "White Night" from their second regular album is a slow-tempo R&B ballad that expresses the sleepless nights and longing after a breakup.
  • "The Rainy Night" from their third regular album is a pop ballad that narrates the inability to move on post-breakup, featuring powerful and emotive vocals.
  • "Gold Dust" from their fourth regular album stands out for its beautiful lyrics, comparing the protagonist's feelings to the shimmering ripples on the water under the moonlight.
  • "Love is a beauty (Star's Song)" from their fifth regular album is a medium-tempo R&B track that encapsulates the memories and emotions built over time with NCT 127.

Winter with NCT 127:

NCT 127's winter is encapsulated in their special winter single 'Be There For Me,' filled with songs that showcase their wintery emotions.

  • "Be There For Me" is a pop R&B track reminiscent of carols, combining gospel organ melodies with rhythmic blues piano and brass sounds, portraying the excitement of reuniting with a loved one.
  • "Home Alone" is a medium pop track expressing the desire to stay indoors during the cold winter days, with a playful and witty narrative.
  • "White Lie" is an R&B ballad that captures the lingering feelings for a loved one through a metaphor of 'white lie.'

Through 'Be There For Me,' NCT 127 offers a complete seasonal experience. They continue to gift listeners with songs that represent their unique color and emotions, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what other seasonal hues and feelings NCT 127 will bring in their future releases.