Despite multiple dating rumors, BTS's V and BLACKPINK's Jennie have now found themselves at the center of breakup speculations. The question now is whether they will break their silence on this matter, which has piqued significant interest.

On December 6, JTBC reported, citing entertainment industry sources, that V and Jennie recently ended their romantic relationship. However, neither HYBE, representing V, nor YG Entertainment, representing Jennie, has commented on these latest rumors, maintaining their silence as they have with previous dating speculations.

V and Jennie first became subjects of dating rumors in May last year, following accounts of their trip to Jeju Island. Despite recurrent rumors, both parties have consistently refrained from commenting, citing "artist privacy" as the reason.

Amidst these rumors, personal photos of the two celebrities were also leaked. Additionally, a video speculated to be of the couple on a date in Paris, France, surfaced and became a topic of discussion.

In the video, two individuals, believed to be V and Jennie, were seen walking hand-in-hand along the Seine River in Paris, wearing hats, with people presumed to be staff members following them. This footage further fueled the speculation that the couple was indeed V and Jennie.

Despite numerous eyewitness accounts, photos, and videos, both parties neither confirmed nor denied the dating rumors, essentially doing everything but officially acknowledging the relationship. With the emergence of breakup rumors, it remains to be seen whether they will continue to maintain their non-response approach.

Meanwhile, V is scheduled to enlist in the Capital Defense Command on December 11th. On the same day, BLACKPINK, which Jennie is a part of, attracted attention as they announced the renewal of their contract with their current agency, YG Entertainment.