YG Entertainment's new girl group BabyMonster has once again rewritten K-pop history with their debut song 'BATTER UP' music video.

As of December 1st, according to YG Entertainment, the music video for BabyMonster's 'BATTER UP' surpassed 50 million views at approximately 7:48 AM. This milestone was achieved in about 103 hours after its release at midnight on the 27th, marking the fastest record for a debut song music video by any K-pop group.

The 'BATTER UP' music video had already broken the previous record for the most views in 24 hours for a K-pop debut music video, exceeding 22.59 million views.

In fact, 'BATTER UP' has been performing exceptionally well on various global charts. Immediately upon release, the music video topped the Global YouTube Daily Popular Music Video Chart and maintained the number one position for four consecutive days. It also dominated the top spot on major music streaming sites like Japan's Line Music and China's QQ Music.

The official channel's subscriber growth trend is equally impressive. Since the release of the music video on November 27th, the subscriber count has surged by nearly 380,000, reaching a total of 3.65 million subscribers. This significant increase highlights the global fans' intense interest in BabyMonster's debut and their musical world.

Other metrics also showcase remarkable achievements. Shortly after the release of 'BATTER UP,' the song conquered the iTunes Top Songs Chart in a cumulative total of 21 countries, securing a top spot on the Worldwide Chart. Notably, it topped China's QQ Music 'Music Index Chart' and 'Daily Rising Chart' as well.