BTS member V has illuminated his global popularity by becoming the first K-pop solo artist to chart for 10 consecutive weeks on France's SNEP Top Album Chart. V's album 'Layover' achieved this milestone on November 17, setting a record for the longest-charting K-pop solo album on the French record association's SNEP Top Album Chart.

'Layover' has also charted for 10 weeks on Portugal's Top Album TOP 50 and continued its success by entering the album charts in Austria and New Zealand for the tenth week.

V has proven his explosive popularity in Japan as well, being the only K-pop solo album to stay on Billboard Japan's Hot Album chart for 12 weeks.

V's musical influence continued to shine in the latest Billboard chart update (November 29). His album 'Layover' charted for the 11th week on the 'Top Current Album Sales' chart (ranked 28th) and the 'Top Album Sales' chart (ranked 41st). The album's title track 'Slow Dancing' has also consistently charted for 11 weeks on Billboard's 'Global (excluding the USA)' chart. Impressively, 'Layover' climbed to 44th place on the US Billboard Year-End Album Sales Chart in just six weeks of tracking.

The success of V's Pop R&B album 'Layover' in the global charts for an extended period is highly regarded as it breaks the uniform K-pop concept, driving popular appeal and expanding the genre of K-pop.

The 'Layover' album, focused solely on 'V' and 'music' itself, has garnered attention for its direct challenge to the global music market, transcending the limits of K-pop genre without any promotional or strategic marketing.

Meanwhile, V heightened anticipation for his new music by traveling to London in late November for a music video shoot. Having returned from London on the 30th, V is set to enlist at the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province on December 11. He is reported to have applied for the Special Duty Regiment of the Capital Defense Command's Military Police Brigade.