After a stellar performance at the 2023 MAMA Awards, the rising K-pop group ZEROBASEONE found itself in the midst of controversy over a surprisingly brief livestream following the event. The issue has sparked a heated debate among fans and netizens, with some expressing disappointment and others leaping to the group's defense.

The 2023 MAMA Awards, a major highlight in the K-pop calendar, took place at Tokyo Dome, Japan, on November 28 and 29, drawing a crowd of over 50,000. ZEROBASEONE, among other celebrated artists, graced the event and bagged several awards, including Worldwide Fans' Choice, Favorite New Artist, and Best New Male Artist. These significant wins were met with jubilation from their fanbase, known as ZEROSEs.

However, the joy was short-lived for some fans following the awards ceremony. ZEROBASEONE's post-event livestream, eagerly anticipated by fans, lasted a mere two minutes. This brief interaction left several fans feeling let down, as they had expected a more substantial engagement from the group. Complaints and frustrations soon surfaced on social media platforms, with fans voicing their dissatisfaction over the brevity of the livestream.

Some fans expressed understanding, acknowledging that the group had to attend an afterparty organized by their company, but maintained that a two-minute interaction was inadequate. "No, them going to an afterparty is something that I don't want to make an issue about. But I just want to point out that a 2-minute livestream sucks," one fan lamented.

In contrast, a segment of the ZEROSEs community came forward in defense of ZEROBASEONE. They argued that the group, being in the early stages of their career, had a tight schedule and obligations they needed to adhere to. These supporters shifted the blame towards CJ Group, the parent company, suggesting that the group had limited control over the situation.

Amid the mixed reactions, the incident highlights the delicate balance that emerging artists like ZEROBASEONE must strike between fulfilling professional commitments and engaging with their fanbase. As the group navigates the complexities of the K-pop industry, this episode serves as a reminder of the passionate and sometimes demanding nature of fandom culture.

As ZEROBASEONE continues on their journey, fans eagerly anticipate more achievements and hope for longer and more interactive engagements in the future.