The new girl group from YG Entertainment, BabyMonster, has made a spectacular debut, setting a new record as a "record-making machine". Their debut song 'BATTER UP', released globally at midnight (Korean time) on November 27, has surpassed 22.59 million views on YouTube within 24 hours, establishing the highest record ever for a K-pop debut group.

Considering that their pre-debut song 'DREAM', released last summer, took about six months to surpass 50 million views, BabyMonster's explosive impact significantly exceeds the expectations from both inside and outside the music industry. This remarkable achievement further solidifies their title as a 'monster rookie', derived from the group's name.

On iTunes, 'BATTER UP' has topped the daily top song charts in 21 countries worldwide and entered the top 4 on the worldwide chart, drawing significant attention.

The response in Japan and China has been equally enthusiastic. The song achieved No. 1 on Japan's largest platform Line Music's music video chart and AWA's Hot Trending Song real-time chart. It also topped the 'Music Index Chart' on China's largest music platform, QQ Music.

'BATTER UP' features YG Entertainment's signature hip-hop base and what some fandoms refer to as the 'YG hook', a clear beginning, middle, and end structure, unmistakably signifying BabyMonster as 'Made in YG'. The group, bridging a seven-year gap after 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, is the third generation of major girl groups from YG. BabyMonster comprises six members: Koreans Rami and Rora, Thai members Pharita and Chiquita, and Japanese members Ruca and Asa.