Actor Lee Dong-gun candidly spoke about his divorce process with his former wife, Jo Yoon-hee.

In the episode of SBS's entertainment show 'My Ugly Duckling' aired on the 26th, Lee Dong-gun, who is four years into being single again, was featured. He was visited by Lee Sang-min and Kim Jun-ho, who have been single for 19 and 6 years, respectively.

Right upon seeing Lee Dong-gun, Kim Jun-ho boasted about their close relationship, claiming they were 'comrades.' He revealed, "Dong-gun is a fantastic actor, but he used to spend more time in PC cafes than I did," indicating how much they gamed together. Kim Jun-ho reminisced, "10 years ago, we played until we had dark circles under our eyes with Kim Won-jun."

Lee Sang-min asked, "I thought handsome guys would live well. I never expected Lee Dong-gun to get divorced. How could you manage a divorce so quietly?" To which Lee Dong-gun replied, "I thought my divorce was quite noisy. It ended very quickly and succinctly."

Lee Dong-gun then spoke about his divorce process with Jo Yoon-hee, saying, "It was a mutual agreement. There were no issues during the divorce process. And I haven't spoken to her on the phone even once since the divorce. Before divorcing, we precisely divided everything and parted ways."

He mentioned that the most unwelcome question he faced after the divorce was, "Why did you get divorced?" Kim Jun-ho chimed in, saying, "That's why you got divorced (is the most disliked comment)." Lee Dong-gun, who revealed he hasn't spoken to Jo Yoon-hee since the divorce, said, "We precisely divided our belongings before the divorce. I started married life in my house and brought most of the furniture, including the bed I used."

Lee Sang-min also asked if there were times when past memories suddenly came to mind, leaving him feeling empty. To this, Lee Dong-gun responded, "I have a child, don't I? There are times when memories of lying next to my child while they slept, or seeing their face when I woke up in the morning, come to mind. I started married life in my home, had a child, and then got divorced. So, when I was left alone, I felt particularly empty. The image of my child would often come to mind."

Continuing, he said, "I don't think it was hard after the divorce. I think I accepted the divorce right away. And when I was getting divorced, I hardly had anyone on my side." Lee Sang-min replied, "That still means you are struggling. If it's tough, people tend to say it's not. But we are past that stage now."