The group BabyMonster has proven their formidable impact as YG Entertainment's next-generation girl group by breaking a new K-Pop record with the music video for their debut song 'BATTER UP'.

According to YG Entertainment, the music video for 'BATTER UP' surpassed 22.59 million views within 24 hours of its release at midnight on the 27th. This marks the highest number of views within 24 hours for a debut song music video by any K-Pop group in history.

Such an achievement by BabyMonster was anticipated. Within just half a day of its release, the video had already crossed 12 million views and skyrocketed to #1 on YouTube's trending videos. Their strong bond with global music fans, established early on through high-quality cover videos and a reality show documenting their debut process, played a crucial role in this success.

BabyMonster is also making a mark on various global charts. They topped music video charts on major streaming sites in Japan and China, including Line Music and QQ Music. Notably, on QQ Music, they secured the #1 spot on the 'Music Index Chart', which aggregates real-time fan interactions and streaming, as well as top rankings on the 'Rising Chart' and 'New Song Chart'.

The song itself has shown signs of popularity across various countries. On iTunes, it has consistently risen, dominating the song charts in 21 countries and settling into the top 5 of the worldwide chart. Remarkably, the song has entered the music charts in the world's two largest music markets, the USA and the UK, an unusual feat for a newly debuted group.

With their debut, BabyMonster has created an exceptional stir in the global music market. Their impact is expected to grow as they have set a benchmark in K-Pop just one day after their debut, and anticipation is high for the new history they will continue to write.

BabyMonster (members: Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Rami, Rora, Chiquita) is YG's first new girl group in 7 years following BLACKPINK. Each of the six members has been praised as 'all-rounders', excelling in vocals, dance, rap, and visuals. They have been highlighted by Billboard as a K-Pop act to watch. Their official YouTube channel currently boasts over 3.54 million subscribers and has surpassed 500 million cumulative views.