As BLACKPINK approaches a potential renewal with YG Entertainment, the company has updated its website profiles.

On the 27th, a glance at the artist category on YG Entertainment's website reveals names like BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, TREASURE in sequence. Recently debuted and currently drawing hot attention, BabyMonster has also been newly listed, along with profiles of AKMU, WINNER, and Sechs Kies remaining steadfast.

What's striking is the presence of solo profiles of BLACKPINK's four members despite being in the midst of renewal negotiations. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have all been actively promoting as solo artists, solidly filling up YG's lineup.

Debuted in 2016, BLACKPINK is currently discussing a renewal contract with YG Entertainment. The future of the group has been a global focus, with uncertain reports like Jennie and Jisoo recently setting up their individual agencies.

On the 14th, YG Entertainment announced in its quarterly report, "We are a global entertainment company generating revenue worldwide, including in South Korea. Our business encompasses the music and record industry, performance business, management services, and we also engage in various content businesses and related product sales through our subsidiaries."

Particularly regarding BLACKPINK, the report mentioned, "As of the disclosure date, we are in negotiations for a renewal contract with the artist, and the final result will be announced later through [Important Management Matters Related to Investment Decisions]."

Therefore, fans are especially pleased to see the individual profiles of BLACKPINK's four members. Attention is now focused on whether BLACKPINK will embark on a second journey with YG Entertainment and the outcome of their renewal contract discussions.