BTS's V has set a new record as a K-pop solo artist, with every track on his album 'Layover' surpassing 50 million streams on Spotify in the shortest time, showcasing his prowess as a music powerhouse.

Released on September 8, V's solo album 'Layover' hit the 50 million streaming mark for all its tracks on Spotify by November 18, just 72 days after its release. This achievement highlights V's global popularity once again.

V's album made history upon its release, becoming the first K-pop solo album to chart all its songs on Spotify's 'Global Weekly Chart' in its debut week.

As of November 20, V's six solo album tracks had surpassed 745 million streams on Spotify. By November 21, V's official Spotify page had crossed 1.7 billion streams, demonstrating his formidable solo music power.

The track 'Love Me Again' reached an impressive 228 million streams on Spotify as of November 20, thanks to V's compelling vocals and the rich, sophisticated R&B sound that has captured widespread popularity.

The title track 'Slow Dancing' has been gaining popularity with over 197 million streams, praised for its fresh and novel outro flute improvisation and reflecting V's laid-back style.

'Slow Dancing' has been warmly received on the Billboard 'Global Charts (Excluding the U.S.)' and 'Global 200 Chart,' maintaining a long-term presence for ten weeks.

As a K-pop solo artist, V is the third to chart on Spotify's 'Global Artist Chart' for 100 days, solidifying his strong presence as a soloist.

Meanwhile, on November 21, V teased a snippet of a new song on his social media, sparking anticipation among fans eager for his vocal style that perfectly suits the winter mood.