Renowned Filipino actress and singer Arci Munoz has produced an environmental education comic, drawing inspiration from BTS member Jimin. Munoz, a self-confessed long-time fan of Jimin, unveiled two characters for the comic on her Instagram, captioned, "The best way to celebrate Jimin's birthday, meet the Earth's guardians Minji and Chimchim."

Arci Munoz, known for her environmental activism, collaborated with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to create the characters for the department's 12th comic series. She revealed that the protagonists 'Minji' and 'Chimchim' were inspired by Jimin and his BT21 character 'Chimmy.'

Previously known for her avid fandom, including dedicating a farm to Jimin as a birthday gift, Munoz has consistently shown her affection. She famously referred to herself as "Baby Mochi's (Jimin's nickname) wife" on the American talk show CBS and on Filipino broadcast ABS-CBN, saying, "Once you Jim-in, you can't Jim-out," confessing her love for Jimin.

Through this comic book project, Munoz expressed her desire to teach children about reducing plastic waste, proper waste segregation, recycling, and the joy of protecting the environment. She plans to distribute the completed comic books free of charge to public schools and appealed for everyone's participation in preserving the Earth.

Regarding the inspiration for her character creation, Munoz stated, "Jimin has touched my life in many ways, and I wanted to share that in a very tangible way," highlighting how her love and gratitude towards Jimin have influenced environmental education for children in the Philippines.

Jimin is known for his interest in improving children's educational environments, quietly donating to various educational organizations, including ChildFund Korea. Recently, his donation to his alma mater, Busan High School of Arts, culminated in a meaningful scholarship program, drawing significant attention.

Fans of Jimin, following his example, are actively involved in spreading positive impacts worldwide, irrespective of nationality and region. Arci Munoz's participation in this initiative serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the positive influence of a model fandom.