The destinies of the members of the group Fifty Fifty are diverging, drawing significant attention.

Keena, who returned to the agency Attrakt, is reportedly set to embark on a unique journey after receiving a significant settlement amount. However, the fate of the other three members, Sana, Sio, and Aran, who chose not to return, remains uncertain regarding any settlement. Thus, the paths of Keena and the other three members have starkly diverged.

Fifty Fifty has been embroiled in an exclusive contract dispute with Attrakt for the past five months. In June, Fifty Fifty filed an injunction to suspend the effects of their exclusive contract, alleging that Attrakt failed to provide settlement documents and meet their duty of care for the members' health. In August, the court dismissed this injunction, stating that the breach of duty was not evident. Fifty Fifty appealed this decision and also filed a main lawsuit.

Although it initially appeared that the four members of Fifty Fifty would collectively face their agency in legal battle, Keena's unexpected decision to return to Attrakt last month changed their fate.

Keena submitted a withdrawal of appeal after changing her legal representation and returned to Attrakt, apologizing tearfully to CEO Jeon Hong-jun. In contrast, on the day of Keena's return, the remaining three members started new social media accounts and posted rebuttals to the positive stories about CEO Jeon, indicating some internal conflict within the group.

Attrakt has since notified Aran, Sio, and Saena of their contract termination. The agency stated, "These members unilaterally left the agency with the intention of breaking the contract, defamed and slandered us, and continue to distort facts and make false claims. Attrakt will take strong measures against all parties involved in contract breaches."

While the remaining three members face contract termination and warnings, Keena is on the rise.

Keena is due for her first settlement this month. An Attrakt representative confirmed that Keena would receive her first settlement but refrained from disclosing the amount. However, it is reported that Keena will receive tens of millions of Won.

Additionally, Attrakt plans to reorganize Fifty Fifty around Keena, possibly maintaining the original four-member lineup.

Moreover, Keena will fly to Los Angeles on November 16th to attend the 2023 Billboard Music Awards alone. Fifty Fifty has been nominated for the Top Duo/Group and Top Global K-Pop Song categories at the award ceremony, which will be held in Las Vegas on November 19.

"Keena will also attend a private party held on the 18th to further build relationships with the global music industry." The Kpop Reporter has learned from Attrakt.

As the fates of Fifty Fifty's members diverge, the spotlight is on whether Keena will continue to thrive in her solo career and how the remaining three members will proceed in their dispute with Attrakt.