Global pop star Jungkook has captivated the audience of the popular American NBC talk show 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'.

On the 7th, as per Korean time, Jungkook graced 'The Tonight Show' with his presence, flaunting his fluency in English during an interview. He also performed the title track 'Standing Next to You' from his solo album 'GOLDEN', which was warmly received by global fans. It was the first time the 'Standing Next to You' performance was unveiled on an American public broadcast TV program.

Host Jimmy Fallon focused on Jungkook's recent achievements as a global pop icon, such as his solo single 'Seven (feat. Latto)' breaking Spotify records by reaching a billion streams in record time and receiving Platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Responding to a question about expecting such outcomes, Jungkook humbly said, "I was confident, but I honestly didn't think it would go this far. I'm truly grateful to the ARMY, and I believe these achievements would not have been possible without them."

Speaking about the name of his album 'GOLDEN', Jungkook explained, "The concept of 'gold' resonates deeply with me. All the times I've experienced felt golden, and when I was contemplating the album's name, 'GOLDEN' was the only option that came to mind." He also expressed his desire to be an artist who embraces various genres, which is evident in the album's rich variety.

Jungkook brought the episode to a grand finale with the performance of his new title track 'Standing Next to You'. As the golden lighting reminiscent of the official music video's tunnel lit up, the atmosphere at the venue was set ablaze. Using a standing microphone, Jungkook captivated the onlookers with his elaborate stage presence, and the audience was ecstatic over his dynamic interaction with the dancers. Despite the powerful choreography, his stable live singing marked the apex of a 'complete performance'.

Meanwhile, Jungkook is scheduled to take the stage at the 'CitiConcert Series' on NBC's premier morning show 'TODAY' on the 8th, where he is expected to deliver a solo outdoor concert at TODAY Plaza.