Is it the aftermath of appearing on an R-rated show? BLACKPINK's Lisa has become the talk of the town as her Weibo account in China was suddenly deleted.

On the 1st, Lisa's Weibo account was abruptly removed. Upon accessing Lisa's account, a message pops up stating, "This account can no longer be viewed due to reports of violations related to laws, regulations, and the Weibo community agreement." Users are then redirected to the main page.

Netizens are speculating that this may be a consequence of Lisa's appearance on the French R-rated show 'Crazy Horse'. The China Performing Arts Association strictly prohibits actions such as appearing or promoting obscene and vulgar performances, akin to crimes like gambling, drugs, and violence, as part of maintaining the dignity of celebrities.

Lisa took the stage as a headliner for 'Crazy Horse' from September 28th to 30th, performing 5 times over three days. 'Crazy Horse' is an art nude show, ranked alongside 'Moulin Rouge' and 'Lido' as one of Paris's top three cabarets. It has been mentioned by globally famous stars like Steven Spielberg, Beyoncé, and Christina Aguilera and has stirred controversies for its provocative outfits and nude performances.

Lisa performed wearing a top without any explicit disrobing. However, given that Lisa is a globally influential idol, there has been ongoing debate about her appearance on the show.

Angela Baby, a star from the Chinese-speaking region who confirmed her attendance at Lisa's performance, is also facing rumors of being ousted from the entertainment industry. The show 'Qing Sul Hoon Hor Heul' edited Angela Baby's segments using CG, and the broadcasting station CCTV has removed footage featuring her. Moreover, it's reported that Angela Baby's close friends, Jang Dada and Yang Mi, have also distanced themselves from her, garnering attention.

Meanwhile, Lisa is in talks about renewing her contract with YG Entertainment.