BTS's V has illuminated his global popularity by exceeding 1.5 billion streams on his official Spotify page. On October 21st, V surpassed 1.5 billion streams on his Spotify official page. This monumental achievement comes just 43 days after the release of his debut solo album 'Layover' on September 8th.

V's 'Layover' album became the most streamed album on Spotify on its first day of release among albums launched in 2023. It also set a new record by being the first K-pop solo album to surpass 100 million streams on Spotify in its first week.

Moreover, for the first time in K-pop solo album history, all the tracks from the album made an entrance into Spotify's Global Weekly Chart in their debut week, showcasing his immense musical prowess. Additionally, only 33 days after its release, breaking the previous 58-day record, V became the fastest K-pop solo artist to achieve 500 million streams on Spotify. He further established his dominance by setting a record for reaching 550 million streams in 41 days.

V has consistently released music that is distinct from BTS, solidifying his reputation as a singer-songwriter. International media outlets have highly praised V for his capabilities in lyrics writing, composition, and arrangement.

Even before the release of his solo album, V set a record for the most streams for a K-OST with just three OST tracks, solidifying his position as the 'OST KING' in global music. As of October 23rd, V has recorded 15.72 million followers on Spotify, ranking 5th in K-pop overall including groups, and second as a solo artist, following fellow BTS member J-Hope. Only three K-pop soloists, including V, J-Hope, and RM from the same group, have surpassed 15 million followers on Spotify.

While V's solo album is of the Pop R&B genre, which is rare to see in mainstream K-pop, it set a record as the first 'Double Million Seller' by a solo artist in Hanteo Chart history. At the same time, it received praise as a "new horizon in K-pop", securing both commercial success and artistic integrity as a soloist.