NewJeans remains a strong contender on the U.S. Billboard main chart for the third month in a row.

According to the latest U.S. Billboard chart released on October 17th (local time) for the week of October 21, NewJeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) secured the 66th spot with their second mini-album 'Get Up' on the main album chart 'Billboard 200'. With this, 'Get Up' has stayed on the chart for 12 consecutive weeks since its entry at #1 on August 5th, continuing its record-breaking streak for the longest-charting 4th generation K-pop girl group.

In addition to this, 'Get Up' ranked 2nd on the Billboard 'World Album' chart and secured 15th and 16th places on 'Top Current Album Sales' and 'Top Album Sales', respectively.

The title track of 'Get Up', 'Super Shy', also demonstrates undying popularity. Having stayed on the Billboard main song chart 'Hot 100' for 8 weeks, 'Super Shy' ranked 34th on 'Global (excluding the US)' and 59th on 'Global 200', maintaining a top-tier position for 14 consecutive weeks on both charts.

Meanwhile, 'GODS', the theme song for the '2023 League of Legends (LoL) World Championship' sung by NewJeans, also entered the charts at 44th on 'Global (excluding the US)' and 75th on 'Global 200'. 'GODS', which drew attention as NewJeans is the first complete K-pop group to participate in its vocals, is causing a global sensation, setting new records for the most streams on Spotify and the highest number of music video views on its release day among all 'LoL World Championship' theme songs.