BTS member V has emerged as the main figure in a graffiti mural in Suwon City, demonstrating his stature as a muse for artists. On the 12th, graffiti artist Lee Jong-bae revealed a mural he painted on a building in Suwon Hwaseong Business Center, located in Haenggungdong village, Suwon. The artwork was unveiled as the "BTS V Mural Performance" in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Suwon's Eco-Transportation.

The mural was created to promote the "Eco-Transportation Suwon New Festa" for the 10th anniversary of the eco-transportation festival. Suwon Mayor Lee Jae-jun expressed his hopes, saying, "We wish all visitors would cherish and love the BTS V mural."

The artist shared on his social media, "Considering the color associated with V is green, I felt he would align well with eco-transportation and 'Suwonie' (Suwon's tree frog character), inspiring me to proceed with the work."

This isn't the first time artist Lee Jong-bae has chosen V as the muse for his creations. A mural of V in Gunsan, Jeonbuk, gained attention when it appeared on KBS 2TV's "Return of Superman." Furthermore, a mural in Gongju, Leein-myeon, depicting "BTS V & Patriot Yu Gwan-sun AI Restoration" received praise for its imaginative crossover, showing V singing and Yu Gwan-sun appearing to listen to his song.

V, as a symbol of the K-pop era, is not only spotlighted as a muse by artists but also actively promotes the allure of K-culture.

Gil Ki-yeon, the CEO of the Seoul Tourism Foundation, commented, "With V, we aimed to promote Seoul's unique and hip lifestyle through our global campaign." The promotional video for Seoul tourism titled "Seoul Edition 23", which was released on September 1st, surprisingly garnered 500 million views in just three weeks.

Additionally, the Korea Tourism Organization, in collaboration with Korail Tourism Development, introduced 'Top 10 Storytelling Travel Products'. Among them, the "Artist Story Tour" in Daegu highlighted the BTS V mural street, grabbing considerable attention.