BTS's V spent a picnic-like day with his fans.

On October 14, at the outdoor theater of Kyung Hee University's International Campus in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, V held a fan meeting titled 'VICNIC' and met with over 1,400 fans. V had planned various programs to share precious memories with his fans, and throughout the approximately 120-minute fan meeting, laughter and cheers were non-stop.

'VICNIC' is a portmanteau of V's name and 'PICNIC', reflecting V's wish to spend a picnic-like time with his fans.

V began the fan meeting by reading out a pledge to enjoy the event happily. The first segment involved watching music videos from his solo album 'Layover', released last month, and answering quizzes about them. After watching the music videos for 'Love Me Again', 'Blue', and 'For Us' in succession, V shared behind-the-scenes stories, mentioning that he has a particular attachment to 'Love Me Again' as it was the first video to be released and that he likes its visual representation.

During the subsequent 'Mini Sports Day' themed segment, some fans and V were divided into 'ARMY Team' and 'BTS Team' to play games like table tennis, abbreviation quizzes, random play challenges, and 'Express with Your Body'. The atmosphere heated up when BTS's Jimin made a surprise appearance as a guest on V's team, eliciting roaring cheers from the fans.

V and Jimin brought laughter with their quirky answers in the abbreviation quiz and danced with fans during the random play challenge. The highlight was when the duo spontaneously sang their duet song 'Friends', offering fans a special treat.

Additionally, V prepared stages for his solo album's title track 'Slow Dancing' and the song 'For Us', creating a mini-concert atmosphere.

Interacting closely with fans, taking photos together, and building new memories, V concluded the fan meeting by expressing, "I wanted to spend a day where we could laugh, chat, and enjoy together. I missed you all. Thank you."