Park Soo-hong's parents have stepped forward to defend their eldest son's innocence, revealing intimate details about Park Soo-hong's personal life in the process.

On the afternoon of October 13(KST), the 8th public trial for Park Soo-hong's elder brother and his wife, charged with violating the Specific Economic Crimes Aggravation Act (embezzlement), was held at the Seoul Western District Court. Park Soo-hong's parents attended as witnesses.

Before the trial, the mother told reporters, "This is an attempt to frame my eldest son," and claimed that "Park Soo-hong is being gaslighted by Kim Da-ye." She continued to defend her eldest son and his wife against the embezzlement charges, stating that they are not deceitful as people claim.

During the trial, the father explained that large amounts of money transferred from Ra-el Entertainment and Media Boom corporate accounts to his own accounts, which were then withdrawn as cash, were used as "slush funds" for Park Soo-hong.

When asked why such funds were necessary, the father said, "Park Soo-hong likes women. When he breaks up with a girlfriend, he buys her a car. He's been busy paying down payments for apartments and often asked me for cash, which I provided."

In this context, the father mentioned Park Soo-hong's personal life, stating, "For 32 years, I've taken care of Park Soo-hong, even cleaning up used condoms after his encounters with women." He claimed, "I know of at least six women he's been with. There was even a time when a woman got pregnant, and he asked his brother and sister-in-law to handle it."

The mother emphasized that she has always supported Park Soo-hong. She said, "I did everything a mother would do for her child." She insisted that they never touched Park Soo-hong's earnings, even when he wasn't earning much. She mentioned using a card provided by Park Soo-hong for living expenses and said, "Park Soo-hong told me, 'Mom, you've worked hard, spend money and live well.' Even though I could afford premium beef, I'd buy Australian beef, and when my husband wanted to buy 2-3 packs of walnut pastries, I'd tell him to buy just one. We shouldn't recklessly spend our son's money," she said, shedding tears.

Referring to Kim Da-ye, the mother said, "If she truly loved our son, would she turn our family upside down like this? She will abandon him when he gets older." In conclusion, she raised her voice, saying, "I'm so angry that I can't see my son. It only takes a moment to kill someone. Kim Da-ye is a weakling and has ruined our family."

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong's elder brother and his wife are accused of embezzling a total of 6.17 billion won, including company funds and Park Soo-hong's personal funds, over a span of 10 years from 2011 to 2021. The couple has denied most of the charges.

The next trial is scheduled for 11:10 AM on December 1 (KST).