Park Soo-hong's mother shed tears during the trial, stating, "You can't just spend your child's money recklessly," expressing her deep sense of injustice.

On the afternoon of October 13, the 8th public trial for Park Soo-hong's elder brother and his wife, charged with violating the Specific Economic Crimes Aggravation Act (embezzlement), was held at the Seoul Western District Court in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

The elder brother, Mr. Park, and his wife, Mrs. Lee, sat in the defendant's seat, while Park Soo-hong's father, Mr. Park, and mother, Mrs. Ji, stood as witnesses. Park Su-hong did not attend, preventing a family reunion.

The focus was on the mother's stance, especially since she had gained public recognition from her previous appearance on the SBS variety show 'Mom's Diary: My Ugly Duckling.'

Opening up for the first time since the incident, Park Soo-hong's mother said, "It was so hard. I was so distressed that I even considered shaving my head."

She requested a direct questioning of Park Soo-hong, stating, "I never touched the money Su-hong earned. I always said we should never touch what Su-hong brings in." She admitted to using Park Su-hong's card for living expenses, saying, "He told me, 'Mom, you've worked hard, use this card.' But you can't just spend your child's money recklessly," as she broke into tears.

When asked about her spending during her 'Mom's Diary' appearance, she responded, "When I was on 'Mom's Diary,' I received a considerable appearance fee. I told Su-hong, 'Now that I'm on 'Mom's Diary,' I'll buy some clothes.' He said, 'Mom, spend as much as you want.' I took both my eldest and youngest to the department store. I thought, 'I should buy things now.' Is all this fuss necessary over that?"

Regarding her appearance fee during 'Mom's Diary,' she said, "It was deposited into my account. They paid a lot. I saved it for when my husband and I might need medical treatment. I never asked my children for a dime. In Su-hong's case, he only used the card and never asked for money."

She also mentioned that the expenses for Park Su-hong's father's cancer surgery last year were covered using the savings from her appearance fee.

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong's elder brother and his wife are accused of embezzling a total of 6.17 billion won, including company funds and Park Su-hong's personal funds, over a span of 10 years from 2011 to 2021, during which they managed Park Su-hong's career.

The elder brother's side has only admitted to the embezzlement charges related to the 1.5 million won and 2.2 million won used for attorney fees.