Solo artist DAWN (real name Kim Hyojong, 29) is set to fulfill his military duty.

According to MyDaily's investigation, DAWN began his service as a social service worker on October 12th, after being assigned his post at the Gangnam District Office in Seoul.

Neither his agency, AOMG, nor DAWN had made any prior announcements regarding this, making it a surprise move. According to close sources, DAWN had always wanted a quiet and ordinary enlistment from the planning stages.

As per MyDaily's findings, DAWN was determined to be eligible for alternative service earlier this year. He has been suffering from vertigo for a long time, which seems to have been considered during his physical examination.

Having debuted in 2016 with the group Pentagon, DAWN has always been in the spotlight for his unconventional moves. His romantic relationship with singer HyunA (real name Kim HyunA, 31) and their continued support for each other post-breakup have always been a hot topic. They have consistently garnered attention whenever they updated fans about their close musical collaboration.

In January, he signed an exclusive contract with the producing team GroovyRoom's AOMG and has been actively pursuing his music career. He released singles like "Shining On You" and, in September, unveiled his EP "Narcissus", showcasing his exceptional musical talent.

During the release of "Narcissus", DAWN expressed, "After joining AOMG, making music has been fun. We've been in sync, which allowed me to return with an album containing eight tracks."

Regarding the album title 'Narcissus', DAWN confessed, "When you truly love someone, there's a moment when you feel like you become one with that person. Later on, it feels like you're loving another version of yourself rather than the person. So, breaking up feels like a part of me is drifting away."

About the double title tracks 'Star' and 'Heart', he mentioned, "When we started the album, GroovyRoom played 'Heart' for me, which determined the direction of the album. 'Star' was created afterward. It carries a message opposite to 'Heart', which is why both songs were chosen as title tracks. 'Star' encapsulates the emotion of having to let go because of overwhelming love, while 'Heart' embodies the feeling of not wanting to let go due to immense love. I wanted to capture these two contradictory facets of love."