In a world where celebrities' personal lives are under constant scrutiny, RIIZE's Seunghan has recently found himself at the epicenter of media buzz. However, the spotlight isn't shining on his musical prowess or stage performances this time. Instead, it's an Instagram Live session that has set the internet abuzz.

On October 10, 2023, an online community chat room was set abuzz by a screenshot showcasing Seunghan's alleged Instagram Live interaction with a woman, speculated to be his girlfriend. This unexpected revelation has left the fanbase polarized, with many questioning the integrity of Seunghan's close acquaintances.

The screenshot, shared by an online user named "Nang Nang," depicted a three-way Instagram Live stream that included Seunghan and the rumored girlfriend. Interestingly, this Live session seems to have been broadcasted from his personal account, distinct from RIIZE's official one. The session had a notably low viewer count, with only four individuals tuning in, hinting at an intimate gathering, perhaps limited to close friends.

This incident has sparked a debate about Seunghan's choice of friends and the necessity for him to be more judicious in his associations. Fans and netizens have been quite vocal about their views. Some comments from netizens include:

  • "Seunghan, it seems you need to filter your friends."
  • "He's like this because if he cries again, people will probably start coddling him again."
  • "After debut? There's no end to things after something gets exposed once."
  • "He needs to start filtering his friends first."

Some netizens also alluded to a prior incident involving Seunghan and his alleged girlfriend, suggesting that trust has been compromised among certain segments of the fan community.

While the incident has stirred considerable debate, SM Entertainment, the agency representing RIIZE, has yet to release an official statement on the matter. As the public and fans await further details, Seunghan's reputation and personal relationships continue to be under the microscope.

In the midst of this controversy, Seunghan took to RIIZE's official Instagram account to issue a heartfelt apology addressing the recent events. The up-and-coming K-pop group member sought forgiveness for the upheaval caused.

The world of K-pop is no stranger to controversies, and while artists like Seunghan continue to navigate the challenges of fame, fans and the general public remain ever-vigilant, watching and reacting to every move.