NewJeans (NewJeans) has set a new personal record with 'Super Shy'.

Around 6 PM on October 5, the YouTube view count for the music video of 'Super Shy', one of the triple title tracks from NewJeans' (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) second mini-album 'Get Up', surpassed 100 million views. With this, NewJeans now boasts their third music video with over 100 million views, following their debut song 'Hype boy' and the single album title track 'OMG'.

The 'Super Shy' music video achieved 100 million views just 90 days after its release on July 7th. This is a shortened record compared to the 'Hype boy' performance version music video, which took 255 days, and the 'OMG' performance version music video, which took 130 days to reach 100 million views, setting a new personal record for the fastest 100 million views.

Previously, 'Super Shy' maintained the number one spot on the Melon monthly chart, a major domestic music site, for two consecutive months in July and August, making it the longest-running top song released this year. Additionally, it peaked at 48th on the US Billboard main song chart 'Hot 100' and stayed there for 8 weeks, and climbed to 52nd on the UK Official Singles Chart 'Top 100', marking a successful record in overseas markets as well.

Meanwhile, NewJeans has been nominated in two categories, 'Best Group' and 'Best K-Pop', at the European music awards ceremony '2023 MTV Europe Music Awards (Europe Music Awards)'.