Amidst uncertainty surrounding the debut of YG Entertainment's new girl group, BabyMonster, there's growing anticipation about whether they will meet global fans this year.

The debut of BabyMonster, often referred to as the "younger sister group to BLACKPINK," remains uncertain. Initially, YG had aimed for a September debut with a powerful hip-hop track, and they were reportedly in the final stages of choreography and music video production. However, no specific schedule has been released yet.

BabyMonster, YG's first girl group in about seven years since BLACKPINK, has already garnered global attention even before their official debut. This is attributed to their diverse lineup, with members from Korea (AhHyun, HaRam, RoRa), Thailand (Pharita, Chiquita), and Japan (Ruca, Asa). The group boasts "all-rounder" members skilled in vocals, dance, rap, and visuals.

Their pre-debut song "DREAM," released last May, quickly topped YouTube's worldwide trending list and even conquered the "Hot Trending Songs" chart.

Furthermore, BabyMonster's YouTube subscribers surpassed 2 million in a record-breaking 129 days for a pre-debut trainee K-pop girl group, currently boasting 3.07 million subscribers. Their cumulative YouTube content views are approaching approximately 427 million.

BabyMonster has been dubbed YG's new "ace in the hole." To mitigate the risk of relying too heavily on BLACKPINK, BabyMonster's success is deemed crucial. However, news regarding their debut remains scarce. Considering the promotional period for new releases, it's uncertain if they will debut next month.

The prolonged trial regarding Yang Hyun-suk's alleged intimidation further complicates the debut schedule. Yang Hyun-suk, as the chief producer for BabyMonster, has been involved in everything from member selection to the debut process.

The uncertainty surrounding BLACKPINK's contract renewal adds another layer of complexity. Despite numerous reports on the matter, YG maintains silence, stating, "Nothing has been confirmed yet."

Given YG's history of producing powerhouse girl groups like 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, K-pop fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting BabyMonster's debut. With YG's global reputation at stake, all eyes are on whether the entertainment giant can reclaim its former glory with BabyMonster's debut.