BTS's V touched the hearts of fans worldwide by expressing his unwavering love for his team. V captivated Japanese viewers with his charming and candid interview on the popular Japanese show 'Mezamashi TV' on Fuji TV. The broadcast also featured popular Japanese star Meguro Ren.

Both V and Meguro Ren, apart from being members of boy groups, are also actors. They share similarities like being the second youngest in their respective groups and owning Pomeranian dogs, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere throughout the show.

When asked if the members converse frequently, V shared, "We talk a lot in our group chat and often send each other funny pictures," giving fans a glimpse of the close-knit friendship among the members.

BTS's V on Fuji TV:
(Photo : TV Screenshot)
BTS's V on Fuji TV: "BTS Loves BTS" - A Heartfelt Message to ARMY

The broadcast also showcased V's music video, highlighting the impressive initial sales of over 2 million. Speaking about his solo album, V said, "I put a lot of effort and research into conveying the emotions I felt when I first heard the song, hoping fans and listeners would feel the same." Meguro Ren complimented, "TaeTae's voice is incredibly stable from low to high notes."

Responding to a question about what hasn't changed as BTS celebrates its 10th anniversary, V expressed, "What remains unchanged is that BTS loves BTS. I still love performing as a BTS member, and I deeply love our music."

The show highlighted Yeontan, V's pet dog, emphasizing its special significance to V, even gracing the jacket of his solo album. When Meguro Ren asked if V gives Yeontan many treats, V replied with a smile, "Every day, because he's so cute."

Towards the end, Meguro Ren requested to do a pose called 'Dongmakg Peace' together. Although V looked puzzled and asked, "Why this pose?", he humorously obliged, leading to laughter.

After the broadcast, 'Dongmakg Peace' topped Yahoo Japan's real-time search, with 'Mezamashi TaeTae' also trending.

On Twitter, a platform popular in Japan, search terms related to V, including 'Dongmakg Peace', 'Mezamashi TV', 'TaeTae Meme', 'Meme and TaeTae', and 'TaeTae Award', dominated the top five trends, proving his immense popularity and leaving Japan in awe.