Wonho first solo album is on its way!

Shortly after teasing his fans through revealing his official logo as a solo artist, the former member of Monsta X made another huge announcement the fans are eager to hear. The 27-year-old South Korean idol unveiled the first detail of his forthcoming debut album entitled “Love Synonym Part 1.” The revelation comes in the form of an image in a sky-blue painted canvass that reads the album’s title.

The coming soon poster depicts a relaxed and layered blue design as it expresses a chilly vibe through its simplicity. Aside from the album’s title, more details read in the poster.

Lee Ho-Seok, known professionally with his stage name as Wonho, will make known his first mini-album “Love Synonym Part 1” on September 1 (Friday), Hellokpop finds. To date, further details of the album are still unknown, especially the much-awaited tracklist. However, the lead single of Wonho’s forthcoming album was revealed, titled “Right For Me.”

The announcement of Wonho made his fans wish for September to come tomorrow. The fans’ stormed over Twitter and Instagram, bombarding their idol congratulatory messages, expressing that they couldn’t wait for the full tracklist to be revealed. But for the time being, the fans are left with no choice but to wait.

In a Metro report, Wonho will be dropping “Right For Me” ahead of his album’s release. But, none of it is confirmed yet.

The announcement of Wonho’s upcoming album release comes after the news that the idol signed under new label management in April. Wonho chooses to continue his K-pop journey by inking a contract with Highline Entertainment a few months after he left Monsta X.

Wonho severed with Monsta X in October last year because of illegal drug charges dating back a few years. For the time being, the singer-songwriter is clear of all allegations.