NewJeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) made a notable appearance on KBS 1TV's 'News 9' on the 19th, becoming the youngest guests to be featured. They shared insights from their mini 2nd album 'Get Up' promotions, feelings on topping the Billboard charts, and the secret behind their immense popularity.

During the broadcast, Minji remarked, "When I first met the members, I felt that we would achieve something remarkable together. However, I never anticipated receiving so much love and attention this quickly."

Daniel expressed, "It still feels surreal. Whenever we perform or see fans listening to our music, we genuinely feel the immense love and are deeply grateful." Reflecting on the past summer, Hani shared, "We held our first fan meeting 'Bunnies Camp' and even participated in overseas festivals. Those moments have become precious memories."

When asked about what sets NewJeans apart, Minji responded, "I believe our strength lies in our authenticity. Our genuine charm, even off-stage, makes us feel fresh and unique." Hyein added, "We don't have a designated leader. This allows us to share our opinions freely without feeling apprehensive."

Haerin mentioned, "I once described NewJeans as 'clouds' because clouds appear differently and are interpreted uniquely depending on the viewer. That kind of freedom resembles NewJeans."

Meanwhile, NewJeans, with their mini 2nd album, achieved the top spot on the U.S. Billboard main album chart 'Billboard 200' within a year of their debut. They also stormed the global music scene with three title tracks ('Super Shy', 'ETA', 'Cool With You') entering the main song chart 'Hot 100'. Furthermore, their explosive performances at major international music festivals like the U.S.'s 'Lollapalooza' and Japan's 'Summer Sonic' solidified the global 'NewJeans Syndrome'.