A variety of universities are soon launching their Korean Language classes using 'LEARN! Korean With BTS.'

On August 12, independent education corporation Big Hit Edu, the Korea Foundation (KF) of Big Hit Entertainment, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, will conduct a contracting event finalizing their agreement to collaborate to encourage and vitalize Korean learning internationally.

The three organizations will lend their knowledge and experience through this deal to meet the growing demands for Korean independent learning while fostering comprehension of the Korean language. KF's eSchool Korean Language class that uses 'Learn! KOREAN with BTS' will be provided to various international foreign universities this forthcoming fall term.

Middlebury College of the United States, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and EDHEC Business School of France, Ain Shams University of Egypt, University of Languages & International Studies, and Than Long University of Vietnam, will allow structured Korean lessons using 'Learn! KOREAN With BTS.'

Big Hit Edu, KF, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies are also planning a potential expansion of their market goals. Choi Young Nam, CEO of Big Hit Edu, expressed his commitment to keeping the project language acquisition in Korea. Stating, "KF and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies are both collaborators with a thorough knowledge of our materials, so we anticipate that we will be able to develop even greater synergy in the potential." (via Soompi)

Since 2011, KF has been focusing on delivering international universities online Korean studies and language lessons through the eSchool firm. CEO Lee Geun shared his expectations that the beauty of Korean culture and language would propagate more globally, showing their intentions for future research with more institutions and proposals for offline programs once the circumstance around COVID-19 recovers.

'LEARN! KOREAN With BTS' uses pre-established BTS television show clips, 'Run BTS!' and their digital material (such as their "Bangtan Bomb" and "BTS Episode" snippets) to educate viewers about Korean culture, and also Korean terms and phrases often used by members of the BTS.

The clips were produced with the support of the Korea Language Contents Institute (KOLCI) researchers and instructors from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Big Hit Edu was already publishing three-minute clips per week over Weverse throughout March, and a 'Learn! KOREAN with BTS' book set will be readily accessible with beginning August 24.

Chancellor Kim In Chul of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies remarked that there are numerous universities internationally that are interested in offering Korean Language lessons using 'LEARN! Korean with BTS.'