Fresh off their first anniversary, the group NewJeans has secured the top spot in the idol brand reputation rankings.

On September 13, the Korea Corporate Reputation Institute revealed that they had extracted 217.3 million big data points for idol group brand reputation from August 14 to September 14, 2023. This marked an 18.65% decrease compared to the 887.15 million big data points from the previous month.

The brand reputation index is a metric derived from analyzing big data, reflecting how consumers' online habits significantly influence brand consumption. Through the idol group brand reputation analysis, one can measure the positive and negative evaluations of an idol group brand, media interest, consumer interest, and communication volume. The analysis also includes qualitative evaluations from Brand Reputation Monitor.

The idol group brand reputation analysis combines both boy and girl group categories, measuring participation, media, communication, and community indices to determine the brand reputation index.

The top 30 idol group brand reputations for September 2023 are as follows: NewJeans, BTS, IVE, SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, NCT, ZeroBaseOne, LUCERAPHIM, (G)I-DLE, ENMIX, EXO, TWICE, OH MY GIRL, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, STAYC, aespa, HIGHKEY, Girls' Generation, Red Velvet, INFINITE, BTOB, MONSTA X, Super Junior, SHINee, MAMAMOO, 2PM, TREASURE, ASTRO, and ENHYPEN.

NewJeans, in the first position, recorded a brand reputation index of 6.94 million, a 30.59% decrease from the previous month's 10.01 million but still retained the top spot. BTS, in second place, was analyzed with a brand reputation index of 5.74 million, an 11.64% decrease from the previous month's 6.49 million. IVE secured the third spot with an index of 3.68 million, followed by SEVENTEEN in fourth and BLACKPINK in fifth.

Director Gu Chang-hwan of the Korea Corporate Reputation Institute explained, "In the link analysis for NewJeans' brand, 'reveal, breakthrough, and all-kill' ranked high. In keyword analysis, 'photoshoot, OST, advertisement' emerged prominently. In the positive-negative ratio analysis, they recorded a positive rate of 90.86%."