BTS member RM expressed profound gratitude to fans on the occasion of his birthday. Early on the 12th, RM penned a heartfelt message, stating, "Hello. It's the last birthday of my twenties."

He continued, "I'm not sure if it's because of my profession, but birthdays always come with a hint of embarrassment. I personally feel it's just another day, but so many of you sincerely celebrate it, making me feel truly blessed and happy. I often think that love is when someone gets a name. From being just Kim Namjoon to becoming 'Kim Namjoon'. While it might just be one of the many 365 days, thanks to all of you, my 29th birthday isn't just another fleeting day."

He further shared, "I once mentioned that as time goes by, expressing myself becomes harder. That still holds true. However, I've become more composed. Having received overwhelming love and support, I've realized that I'm inherently an optimistic person. Isn't that a miracle? These days, I live by the motto 'Why not?'. I'm sharing the optimism I've gained from the love I've received. And I'm also incorporating it into my upcoming songs."

RM pondered, "Can I be more honest in a way that's even more beautiful than through music? While it's a known fact, sometimes it feels insufficient. That's perhaps why I became a part of BTS. I want to express myself in various ways, be it through programs, interviews, dance, or anything else. How blessed is this life? All these experiences constantly remind me to see and think clearly."

He concluded, "Coincidences, when piled up, become fate. Some say that coincidence is destiny in disguise. Writing this letter to you now feels like one of those moments. I feel like I would've written this letter in September 2023, regardless of which version of me existed. Each of my birthday letters represents the love language of where I've reached at that time. Thanks to all of you, I'm living well and want to continue doing so. I just wanted to convey my love as the best current version of myself. While I can't embrace each and every one of you, my feelings are even more profound. I won't ask you to love me no matter what, but I'll try my best to give back as much as I've received."

"The last birthday of my twenties passes without a hitch. No matter where we are, let's stay healthy and happy for a long time. Let's meet again after some time has passed. Whether it's your birthday soon or it just passed, I sincerely wish you the best! Thank you."

Along with his message, RM also shared a photo of himself sitting in front of a lit birthday cake.

On a side note, RM, born on September 12, 1994, celebrated his 29th birthday. BTS has been fulfilling their military duties in sequence since member Jin enlisted last December. In April, J-Hope enlisted as an active-duty soldier, and both Suga and RM are expected to serve in the near future.