In the midst of singer Park Hyo Shin's grand festival-style fan meeting, BTS member V's unexpected appearance became the talk of the town.

According to his agency, Glove Entertainment, Park Hyo Shin held his official fan club 'SOULTREE' fan meeting, titled 'Park Hyo Shin STPD 2023 GOING HOME', at the Olympic Park 88 Grass Square in Seoul over two days, the 9th and 10th. The event saw an impressive turnout of over 25,000 fans.

The fan meeting, which had been a hot topic since its announcement, sold out immediately upon ticket release, showcasing Park Hyo Shin's unwavering popularity. To show his gratitude, Park Hyo Shin was directly involved in the fan meeting's planning, from stage direction to merchandise production. He even offered unprecedented fan service by revealing the rehearsal stage through a live broadcast on social media before the event.

Before the fan meeting began, Park Hyo Shin expressed his excitement, saying, "The time I spend with my fans feels like a grand festival. Let's enjoy it as if it's a once-in-a-lifetime event."

The fan meeting featured a star-studded lineup of guests fitting for a grand festival, including MCs Lee Yong Jin and Kim Eana, as well as artists like Sam Kim, BIBI, MeloMance, Dynamic Duo, LUCY, Paul Kim, Roy Kim, and Daybreak. Notably, the atmosphere heated up when BTS's V made a surprise appearance in the middle of the event.

Park Hyo Shin engaged with fans through various events, including real-time surprise events between guest performances and a '2023 SOULTREE Olympics' game segment where winning teams received prizes.

Opening the main segment of the fan meeting with the song 'HOME', which holds special memories with SOULTREE, Park Hyo Shin said, "This feels more touching than usual. Thanks to all of you, I'm having a wonderful time. It truly feels like I've come home. Thank you."

Park Hyo Shin delighted fans with a rich setlist that felt like a full-fledged concert, including songs like 'Lover', 'HAPPY TOGETHER', 'GIFT', unreleased tracks 'ALICE' and 'V', as well as impressive VCRs, stage lighting, explosive vocals, and impeccable stage manners.

When asked about his 8th studio album, Park Hyo Shin responded, "I've started organizing my thoughts and am preparing for it. I'm eager to share it with you all soon." He heightened fans' anticipation by revealing an unreleased track on the spot.

Moreover, having met SOULTREE after four years, Park Hyo Shin spent a meaningful 8 hours with fans, sharing updates, answering questions, and performing hit songs.

As the ending stage approached, Park Hyo Shin conveyed, "It feels like I've come back home. I feel at home when I'm with all of you. I promise to present an even better stage next time. Thank you for being with me. Let's meet again."