"My taste is 100% reflected. An album that seeks me." This phrase encapsulates BTS's V's debut solo album, 'Layover'. The album title, which means 'temporary stay' or 'stopover', originates from the sentiment of taking a brief pause to reflect on the journey and to reaffirm the final destination. The album genuinely unfolds his thoughts and stories.

On the 8th, V released his first solo album 'Layover'. While he has previously showcased his musical prowess through solo tracks in BTS albums, free music releases, and drama OSTs, this is the first time he's releasing a solo album under his name. V aimed to create an album that maximizes his sensibilities and focused on unveiling a new side of himself.

While the focus was on the new V, it wasn't about introducing something that wasn't there, but rather refining and sculpting what was inherently present. This process was co-led by Adore's Chief Producer, Min Hee-jin. Although Min is known for planning and rapidly elevating groups like NewJins to superstardom, she isn't typically associated with BTS. V broke that stereotype, believing she would perfectly capture his essence.

In the album introduction video, V shared, "I worked with Chief Producer Min Hee-jin. It was our first collaboration, but we clicked instantly. I wanted to infuse my taste and sensibilities into the solo album. While contemplating, I thought of Producer Min and reached out. The result is this incredible album."

He continued, "While planning and conceptualizing the solo album, I pondered a lot about the type of music and image I should present. I had extensive discussions with Producer Min about the direction of the solo album, and we eventually decided on the name 'Layover'. I hoped it would serve as a moment to solidify myself before reaching the final destination."

'Layover' is an album where pop R&B meets V's unique sensibilities and characteristics. One of these characteristics is V's laid-back nature. While some might see this as a drawback, Producer Min viewed it as a distinctive trait, focusing on the simplicity behind the flamboyance. As a result, the album genuinely captures V's natural charm.

V explained, "Some might see my slow speech and actions as drawbacks. But Producer Min captured this slowness as my unique trait, allowing me to produce the music I desired. It's a simple yet genuine album."

The album's title track is 'Slow Dancing'. Based on the 1970s soul sound, this pop R&B track is infused with jazz elements, offering a unique ambiance. The song continues with a free and serene vibe, just like its title 'Slow Dancing'.

'Rainy Days' is an alternative pop R&B track that stimulates nostalgia, reminiscent of listening to an old jazz record on a rainy day. 'Blue' stands out with its deep bass and drum sound penetrating vocals. 'Love Me Again' offers a warm and rich sensation, blending gospel and jazz, while 'For Us' stimulates emotions with its metaphorical lyrics and V's captivating falsetto.

Focusing solely on the vocals, V's voice offers a romantic yet relaxed vibe, harmonizes with various white noises, penetrates deep bass and drum sounds, rhythmically charms with its deep tones, and stimulates emotions with its captivating falsetto. V has utilized his voice diversely throughout the album.

V shared, "I've put in a lot of effort to showcase my inherent color. I started vocal training from scratch, had self-realizations, and filled in the gaps."

Ahead of the album release, V unveiled a whopping 102 concept photos in four batches and filmed music videos for five tracks, excluding the bonus track. This wasn't just a quantity game but an effort to comprehensively showcase both the familiar and the newly discovered V.

V expressed, "It was fun shooting, and seeing the finished product gave me a sense of accomplishment. I hope everyone enjoys both the music and the music videos together. I've always said that I work imagining the visuals while making music. This time, I could actualize it. I'm satisfied and feel accomplished to show ARMY (fandom name) the same image."

He concluded, "It's the most comfortable and confident album, and I believe it will resonate. As I'm showing a new side of V, please look forward to diverse activities." V's 'A Special Layover' has begun.