BTS member V has painted a fantasy of emerald-colored seas, warm sunlight, and the haunting melody of a flute. At 1 pm (KST) on the 8th, V released the music video for 'Slow Dancing' on HYBE Labels' official YouTube channel.

The unveiled music video captivates viewers with its grand scale, breathtaking scenery, intriguing storyline, and mysterious ambiance, making it impossible to look away.

Filmed on the beaches of Majorca, Spain, the 'Slow Dancing' music video offers a series of exotic landscapes. It portrays V's autobiographical yet dreamlike story, transitioning between reality and fantasy. The melancholic flute melody combined with V's fantasy evokes a deep sense of nostalgia.

The video starts with V gracefully swimming underwater, followed by scenes of him enjoying carefree moments with friends on the beach. He dances under the sun, gazes at the night sky, and relishes in euphoric moments. The beautiful natural landscapes, combined with V's radiant smile, are truly mesmerizing.

'Slow Dancing' is a pop R&B track based on the 1970s soul sound, with an impressive atmosphere enriched by jazz elements. Centered around V's romantic and relaxed vocals, the song progresses to an impromptu flute performance in the latter half, exuding a sense of leisure, freedom, and tranquility, true to its title.

V's debut solo album 'Layover' includes 'Slow Dancing' along with 'Rainy Days', 'Blue', 'Love Me Again', 'For Us', and a bonus track 'Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)', totaling six songs. V collaborated with ADOR's chief producer Min Hee-jin to focus on a 'new' side of V, culminating in 'Layover'.

The alternative pop R&B track 'Rainy Days' stands out with its vintage and unique percussion sounds combined with modern drum beats, harmonizing with V's voice and evoking the nostalgia of listening to an old jazz record on a rainy day. 'Blue' is an old-school R&B track with a modern twist, highlighted by V's vocals piercing through the deep bass and drum sounds.

'Love Me Again' is a comfortable R&B track, enriched with gospel and jazz elements, offering a warm and rich sensation. V's rhythmic and captivating deep voice infuses the song with a dreamy atmosphere and resonance. 'For Us' combines synth pad sounds with a cozy chorus vocal and vintage piano sounds. The lyrics metaphorically express the heartbreaking feeling of not reaching someone no matter how hard one tries, with V's alluring falsetto heightening the song's emotional depth.