Singer Lee Hyori has jumped on the bandwagon of the trending challenge for the new song by HYBE's rookie group, BOYNEXTDOOR.

As of September 6th, 10:30 PM, the official TikTok account of BOYNEXTDOOR (members: Sungho, Liu, Jaehyun, Taesan, Ihan, Woonhak) surpassed a whopping 1 million followers. This achievement solidifies their position as the second debut boy group this year to amass such a following on TikTok, further proving their skyrocketing popularity.

Videos using the team's hashtag (#BOYNEXTDOOR) have garnered over 660 million views as of the morning of September 8th. Clips featuring their new title track '뭣 같아' (translated as "Feels Like") have already surpassed 10 million views within just three days of the song's release, showcasing the immense interest surrounding BOYNEXTDOOR.

The challenge for 'Feels Like' has gained traction on social media, further boosting the song's popularity. The easy-to-follow challenge involves participants rhythmically shouting out their names in sync with the song's lyrics. The creative concept has certainly caught the attention of many.

Top artists, including KOZ Entertainment's lead producer ZICO, Lee Hyori, Taemin, and Rain, have joined the challenge, creating a buzzworthy 'award-show level lineup'. These stars have playfully shouted names like "Sungho, Jaehyun, Ihan, Hyori" in some videos, while in others, they've respectfully called out "Jiho, senior Taemin, senior Rain, BOYNEXTDOOR", evoking laughter from viewers.

'Feels Like' is a song that candidly expresses the emotional rollercoaster experienced at the end of a first love that left only scars. The performance for the track captures the complex emotions of young boys experiencing their first breakup, oscillating between intense anger and lingering regrets.

BOYNEXTDOOR has topped various iTunes 'Top Album' and 'Top Song' charts in multiple countries/regions with their first mini-album 'WHY..' and its title track 'Feels Like'. 'WHY..' achieved sales close to three times that of their previous record, with a staggering 302,203 copies sold on the first day alone, nearly tripling the initial week sales of their previous record, which stood at 114,442 copies.